Metaverse And NFTs: How It’s all connected

What exactly does metaverse mean and how is it going to change the internet?

Metaverse is a computer-generated immersive virtual reality environment. It can be used as a platform for augmented reality and social networking.

How does NFT come in?

What are NFTs?

I got this image from a random search on google

Before getting NFT:

  1. Understand the Roadmap of each project
  2. Who is the team behind these projects?
  3. How fast is the community growing?

Connection of NFT with Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens will play an important role in the future of the internet because it is one way that grants holders true ownership over digital items gotten in the virtual world



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Abimbola Abe

Abimbola Abe

Documenting my transition Journey into Web3 || Passionate about community building || I collect coool NFTs || Metaverse!