Instagram Latest updates and What it means to Creators.

Over the past few months, Instagram has been rolling out several features on her platform.

The subscriptions feature currently offers Subscriber Stories, Subscriber Lives, and Subscriber Badges.

Subscriber Stories: Creators can share exclusive Stories for subscribers. These restricted access Stories will be marked with a purple ring.

Subscriber Lives: Like Subscriber Stories, creators will be able to go live just for their subscribers.

Subscriber Badges: Subscribers will receive a badge so that creators can identify them in comments, DMs, and elsewhere on Instagram.

But what does it mean for you as a creator?

The best way to opt-in now is by building a community. This is no longer the time to buy followers just to look cool.

If you really want to take advantage of this new creator’s economy, you have to be more intentional about your personal brand and the people you’re serving.



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