How Metaverse Will Change The Future Of Marketing.

Abimbola Abe
2 min readNov 1, 2021

The change is already happening

Imagine sitting at home, putting on virtual reality glasses, and getting immersed in the virtual world.

While working through the virtual environment to meet and discuss with friends, you stumbled on a Billboard advertising a new pair of clothes at a discounted rate.

You go-ahead to the store in the virtual world to check this out for yourself.

Entered the shop, try the clothes on, seeing it to be a good fit, you went ahead and placed an order for it.

Does this sound like a dream to you?

Well, it’s not.

This is what marketing will look like on the Metaverse.

Or rather, it’s happening already.

Experiences that begin in the metaverse also have the potential to cross over into the physical world to engage new and existing audiences across multiple platforms

Last month, Chipotle — a fast-casual dining restaurant — opened a virtual restaurant on Roblox with $1 million dollars worth of free Burritos for the win.

To win a Free Burrito, each day, the first 30,000 Roblox users to get the virtual, Chipotle-themed costumes and visit the restaurant’s in-game location received a promo code for a free entree redeemable through its app and website.

Although the in-game location was built for the Halloween event, the brand has decided to leave the restaurant open to create an enduring brand presence on the platform.

When I wrote that Metaverse would be a game-changer in my last post, now you know what I mean.

Earlier this year, Republic Realm — one of the most active investors in and developers of metaverse NFTs in the world — acquired land on Decentraland for $913,000. Their plan is to develop this land into a virtual shopping district where game players can buy digital wearables. These wearables can include clothing, accessories, footwear, as well as customized items.

From buying virtual lands to opening virtual stores, several brands are already positioning for the metaverse, using several platforms like Decentraland, Sandburn, Roblox, e.t.c to reach their audience.

As the metaverse continues to unfold, it’s only wise for brands and marketers to get ready to take bold risks to reach their audience.



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