Before I gained admission into Ekiti State University. I wanted to go to Unilorin. In fact, I waited for their admission for two years but they shenked me over and over again before I decided to "manage" Eksu.

Looking back now, I can say going to Eksu might have been an impulse decision or only choice back then but I'm glad I took it.

I wonder how I would have turned out to be if life had gone my way.

If I didn’t pick Eksu, I would never have met Water(yes, that’s the guy’s name 😬) and he wouldn’t have invited me to a Tech Hackathon event (I was confused all through the event 😂 and my team lost), but I was intrigued. I was curious.

Without Eksu, would I have found a Tech community that would eventually teach me the foundation of all I know today?

I’m glad I delayed my admission for two years, cause that could have led me to a different path.

The choices we make over time shapes our life.

Some times, we make choices. They look so insignificant at the time we took it, but these decisions either make or mar us.

Choices are powerful. Do you know what’s even more powerful? Taking full responsibility for them.

Does these mean I don't make terrible choices? Of course I did and still do.

I used to be quick to dismiss the wrong choices I make and blame someone for how things turned out

But now, I've come to realize that I have to take responsibility for all my good and bad choices. I am 100% responsible for whatever happens.

Here's what happen when you do that.

You stop being a victim to your situation and start looking for ways to make them right.

Look around you, yes take a look at where you are, and acknowledge the fact that the small, seemingly insignificant choices you made got you here. Both the good and bad ones.

Don't point fingers. Take full responsibility for your life. You have the power to turn things around.




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Abimbola Abe

Documenting my transition Journey into Web3 || Web3 enthusiast and digital marketer. Experienced community manager and writer.