5 Important Marketing Lessons I Learnt From My Barber.

It was on a Tuesday sunny afternoon when I went to Trendo’s Barbing salon to get a haircut.

But on getting there, I found out he wasn’t around.

“I should have called him before coming. How could I have forgotten today is his off sef,” I chided myself

I grudgingly went back home.

Thing is, there were over ten other barbers available that day, but I chose to go back some other time when he’ll be around.

Apart from the part that I got to know Trendo through a friend’s recommendation, but beyond that, he has found ways to wow me with his haircut over these few months I’ve known him.

The first time I had a haircut, I showed him a picture of what I had in mind. Not only did he replicate what I wanted, but he also went the extra mile by adding one detail I didn’t ask for. Mehn, the style was dope! The Jara he added made me look extraordinarily ravishing

I didn’t ask for it but I ended up loving it!

I received a lot of compliments due to the hair cut too.

In one word, that’s how he became my favorite go-to person for my hairstyling. He went a step farther by calling me occasionally to check up on me!

It’s either Trendo or no one else.

Before you start wondering how any of this is your business, I’ll break down the lessons for you

Trendo isn’t better than other barbers, I’m sure there are others who are more skilled and maybe even professional than he is.

But I’m more interested in his work because he’s different. Sometimes it’s really difficult to beat your competitor, considering the fact that they might have more years of experience and money to reach a wider audience. The cheapest way to stand out is by being DIFFERENT.

Take-home lessons:

1. Stop focusing solely on your competition! Focus rather on how to make your product/service exceptional.

2. Sell people what they want.

3. Always over-deliver on your promise!

4. Work on a referral system: I trusted Trendo even before having my first haircut because someone I liked and trusted recommended him.

5. Build a relationship with your customers


Be the purple cow. Making your business remarkable and unique is the way forward in this very competitive business world.



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