34 Sales and Life Lessons From Grant Cardone.

Abimbola Abe
5 min readMar 24, 2022

From his book, Sell or be sold.

  1. Every human being is a salesperson: Selling comes in several forms. You could be trying to sell your ideas to investors, or trying to sell your ideas to a friend, or to an employer to get a promotion.
  2. Be careful who you listen to: “People tend to form opinions, give advice, and pass on myths when they don’t actually have any personal experience. Much of the data they pass along hasn’t been fully inspected for truth even though it’s been passed on as truth” — Grant Cardone.
  3. No matter your profession, the ability to communicate and convince people of your value and what you want will set you apart from your colleagues.
  4. The Grass isn’t Greener on the Other Side: It’s easier to covet other people’s success in other fields. The thing with those with greener pastures is that they are committed to learning and staying long enough in the game to get results. Focus and stay committed to learning all about your career, whatever that may be.
  5. Others won’t see how valuable you are until they see how well you value yourself or your product.
  6. Price isn’t always the reason for objection for your customers: The products I’ve gotten in the past, money wasn’t the problem. On the surface level, I would think it was the price, but after taking a deeper look, I realized I had the money and my resistance came from something else. Like will this give me results? Will it help me achieve my long-term plans or move me closer to them?
  7. Second Money Technique: This is offering another helpful deal after your consumer gets the first major deal. It’s always easier for customers to buy the second time than the first time. They trust you better and there’s less resistance.
  8. You’re into “people” business, not your “product” business: Listening is an important part of sales. You have to listen and understand what your prospect wants, and the problem they’re trying to solve. People love it when you genuinely care about the challenges they have, and they pay more attention to anyone who cares to communicate with them and proffer solutions.
  9. Always AGREE with the customers: Agreeing is a way to achieve more sales. Be willing to see things from their perspective. “I agree with you” is a magical word that should be used by every salesperson.
  10. People believe what they see, not what they hear: One way to stop people from distrusting you is by providing evidence or documentation of how it was done, if possible, third parties documentation(testimonials). You have to be willing to see beyond the customer facade, beyond the words of his mouth. Cause sometimes, what he wants differs from what he says. You have to be able to look beyond the surface level.
  11. Price is not the solution, service is: There has always been a misconception that selling is about receiving or getting something from people. It’s a wrong and limited approach to sales. Rather than focusing on the intent to sell, rather, focus on giving and solving a customer’s challenge. Also, as a salesperson, don’t go about providing half-quality services to your clients.
  12. Never take NO for an answer: Asking or hard selling means you believe so so much in the solution your project offers. The more you do, the greater your results. In life, people tell us to slow down and most time, those who say this have no tangible results to show. You have something you’ll like to focus on, Go 100x in! Don’t just take action, take massive action.
  13. Who do you know?: Who are those in your circle? Are you maximizing the relationship you have with them? People buy from people they know and trust.
  14. Take a deeper look at what you do daily. What are the time-wasting and unproductive tasks you engage in?
  15. Positive Attitude: When you’re positive, you’re irresistible. People will spend money on what makes them feel good than on what they need. Do away with negativities! Be careful of who you listen to and the kind of people you surround yourself with.
  16. Make your Sales Process Easy and Efficient: Sales processes should be built to satisfy the following in this order: (1) Customer, (2) salesperson, (3) management (last).
  17. Determine Wants and Needs: People buy for different purposes. A man in the desert will have a greater need for water than a man comfortable in his house. They both need water but they value it differently. When determining wants and needs, you have to actively listen to your prospect.
  18. Select Product and Present/Build Value: Asking questions about the want and needs of your prospect will make selecting a product easier for them. And will shorten your presentation cycle. Rather than using guesswork, you actually provide insight based on their preference and choices.
  19. Make an offer: People only buy when they have enough information, therefore, make a proposal.
  20. Remember; closing is the most important part of every sale.
  21. Take Responsibility: Your approach towards sales must be that of duty. You have to demand success or it will elude you. When you miss a sale, ask yourself honest questions and be willing to take full responsibility. Ask yourself: “Why didn’t I get that sale? , What could I have done differently? , Where did I miss it? , How could I have better justified the cost? Where could I have gotten them financing? Why didn’t I get in front of the decision-maker?
  22. Practice selling every day.
  23. The books, the audio, and the people you listen to should talk about selling.
  24. Attend sales training frequently to sharpen your skill and increase your sales
  25. While reading or watching videos about selling, cover topics such as handling objections, generating ideas for calling clients, following up, closing tips, and the like.
  26. Avoid hype and motivational material and focus on SALES-oriented strategies specifically.
  27. Social media is a way to get people to know you. People buy from who they know and constantly think of and Social media gives you the opportunity to leverage this. Be known, and stand out enough to be remembered.
  28. Rejection: everyone hates rejection, it’s one of the emotions that makes us human. But how you handle rejection is what matters most. It shouldn’t make you dejected and give up, rather you should ask yourself questions like, “what can I do better next time?”
  29. Negative surroundings: Don’t tolerate any negative talk around you, either from family or even friends. Make it a known rule to everyone that you don’t appreciate the negative talks.
  30. Discipline: Make it a habit to always show up regardless. Discipline starts from the little things like, when you sleep, when you wake up, the first thing you do when you wake up.
  31. Economy: There will be an unfavorable economy. But in a moment like this, you must even strive and go at selling harder. While everyone is focused on the negativities, you can stand out and even reach more people. Also, create your economy instead of being a participant in what others define as their economy.
  32. Competition: Dont compete with anyone. Dominate with your product
  33. Product Knowledge: Know enough about the product you’re selling, but don’t overestimate product knowledge. Remember, people buy drills cause of the hole they can make not because they like the drill.
  34. Always Follow up: Follow up with your clients. Find creative ways to keep being in their faces.



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